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Sheet masks - easy, fast and convenient!

Written by Kim Eonni


Posted on December 13 2020

K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) has reached a sky-high skincare standard, catapulting Korea into the position of a global leader and innovator in the skincare industry. No wonder international experts and beauty gurus cannot stop buzzing about Korean beauty.

Sheet masks have become a staple for Korean women for over a decade now and are used up to three to four times a week (or even every day, depending on the skin condition). They are a vital part of the Korean skin care regimen.

Sheet mask


What are these sheet masks everyone is raving about?

Sheet masks are face-shaped fabrics soaked in solutions called “essence” or “serum”. The benefits of the essences are delivered deep into the skin. The sheets are a cover to prevent the essence from evaporating. This design increases and maximizes the penetration and the overall beneficial effects! This is a very affordable way to enhance your skin and give it some glow without the trouble and expenses of a spa.

Sheet mask time


How does it work?

Maybe you have heard of the term: "one sheet mask a day". If not, you may ask: "How does anyone have the time to use a face mask every day?". Let us explain how: you only need to keep the mask on for 15 minutes. And, after you remove it, there’s no need to wash your face afterwards! Sheet masks are easy, fast, and convenient to use. This allows you to get on with your tasks, enjoy reading a book, watch Netflix, meditate or just relax whilst you treat your skin.


The Benefits

Rather than having to layer on heaps of foundation, the goal is to hydrate, nourish and heal the skin so that you look beautiful without any makeup. This holistic approach focuses on healthy skin complexion. Making the skin plump, dewy, and glowing. It’s the secret to a much younger appearance.



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