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At Eonni, we believe it is important to treat yourself - not just for the mind, but also for the body. Hectic everyday life has become normal. We want to encourage everyone not to neglect self-care. Treat yourself to a little break and take care of your skin for a healthy complexion and natural beauty from within. It's very easy with our sheet masks: no hassle and no stress.



Curated and handpicked by the Eonni team, our shop carries the most well-known K-Beauty brands in order to offer you, the skincare lovers, only the best. You want products of the highest quality at affordable prices, so this space is exactly what we've created for you.



We only sell products that we tested first hand and imported directly from Korea. Korea is considered to be the birthplace of glowing "glass skin" - skin like "glass". Rather than having heavy layers of foundation, the focus is on healthy skin complexion. With us you will find products with simple formulas and refined ingredients, which are well tolerated by the skin and which have been tested and approved accordingly to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.



Who doesn't value great customer service? The Eonni team wants you to be completely satisfied with your shopping experience! Whether browsing our products, making a purchase or receiving your orders. Share your thoughts with us!


Begin your K-Beauty adventure, explore and discover your new favorites with us - we are sure you will love them!