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Eonni - 언니

[ə] - noun, a woman's older sister.

Eonni is your sister from Korea. Having grown up with K-Beauty, she now brings her favorite Korean Skin care products to Switzerland. We from the Eonni team are a young enterprise based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and we introduce you to Eonni's favorite products.


We noticed that blemishes and uneven complexions are often covered with layers of heavy make-up and foundations. Although this conceals unwanted areas and looks fine on the surface, the skin underneath gets stressed and irritated. This in turn leads even more to acne and other skin problems.


If you have a hectic everyday life, you usually don't have time for regular, professional treatments. We offer you a solution for relaxing times at home. Conventional face masks are complex. The applied mass must be washed off. If you are careless, stains will remain on your clothes, in towels or in your hair. Find out how simple our sheet masks are in our blog post:
Sheet masks - easy, fast and convenient!


Many people ask us whether we will soon be expanding our product range.
Indeed we intend to. But it is important to us that we only offer hand-picked products in our shop and that we have a curated selection. It is also important to us that we can fully take responsibility for our products and offer you skincare lovers only the best.


Eonni means "older sister" in the Korean language.
If you've already come across Korean culture, K-pop, or K-drama, you've probably heard the word before.
Here you can learn how to pronounce Eonni correctly:
Youtube video from DAE-HANGUL